Association formed by chilean companies whose work is based on creating tecnological solutions and provide services through innovation towards improving the music industry.


Music Tech Association Chile.

Association formed by chilean companies whose work is based on creating tecnological solutions and provide services through innovation towards improving the music industry.

MUSTACH is the link that connects two promising realities of the chilean economy, generating a virtuous relationship between the technological entrepreneur ecosystem and the music industry.



25 November, 2017

Innovation and entrepreneurship mark the first day of Pulsar 2017 with MUSTACH’s launching

Authorities and international guests that will take part the all weekend on the "Espacio de Innovación Mustach" (Mustachs' innovation space) gave the official "launch" to the activities of one of…

Ejes estratégicos


Development of meet-up opportunities, networks and alliances towards the consolidation and innovation of the music ecosystem, incoroporating the public, private and academic sectors.


Encourage the creation of new innovative ventures that fill the gaps that are currently left open in the music industry and inspiring new generations through the dissemination of success stories and realization of innovation challenge events (hackathons, demo days, among others).


Sharing our knowledge related to music and technology to musicians or other traditional links in the music industry, through training activities and digital content.


Implement and adpat the products and services of the associated companies to other markets through promotional projects, business objectives, and exchange programs.

Inteligencia Sectorial

Facilitación e integración de datos relevantes para la industria musical a través de las herramientas y plataformas que proveen las empresas asociadas. Generación de estudios y transferencia de inteligencia sectorial a los asociados.

Transference of technology

IEncourage collaborative efforts with universities and research centers for R & D projects, import and transfer of new technologies.


Embodied Reports

Technology that statistically analyzes the emotional response of a person to an artistic experience, with particular focus on songs, video clips and concerts.


Mobile application and web for geo-localized music events. The company also develops custom apps for festivals, audience studies and impact measurement for mass activities.


Web booking platform for musicians and promoters.  Find talent for your next event!

Overtone Music

Music label and concert production company that is developing its own digital music media and a web platform for booking musical services.


Concert crowdfunding web platform, where the public can invest in the coming of their favorite artists while making a profit.


Company that develops and provides video streaming services, specialized in concerts.

Tierra de Fuego

Digital music distribution platform that mediates the placement and positioning of Chilean artists in the main music streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)



International Music Convention + Innovation and Technology, held at Feria Pulsar with the support of CORFO and Fundación Música de Chile.

Fortalecimiento Gremial

Adjudicación de proyecto SERCOTEC para la formalización, planificación estratégica y lanzamiento del gremio.


Chile’s first and only music industry hackathon. Instance of development for innovative solutions to pains and gaps in the music sector.

Feria Pulsar

Creation of the MUSTACH Innovation Space. A stage dedicated to the conversation and presentation of formative content around the use of technology in the music industry.


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